Axo Light offers three extremely striking lines to suit any environment, whether modern or traditional, public or private.

The Axo Light line, real light icons whose distinctive feature is their elegant manufacture, combined with attention to detail. The company culture and philosophy emerge extremely clearly: Axo Light creations are never solely governed by market logic, but each one is the result of inspiration. They are products that are never ‘casual’, because their main aim is to embody emotion and values through creativity.

The Lightecture line, created for large spaces, made up of eleven product families with standard sizes up to 180 cm; avant-garde, high tech lighting solutions in line with the growing demand for energy saving light sources. The company has followed the contract sector with foresight and in 2009 the Lightecture line was introduced specifically for the contract sector. It includes over 5,000 colour and light variations as well as 3D files and photometric data that allow a customised solution to be created even for the most discerning clients.

The Mind-led line, a high-tech, emotional collection designed for clients linked to the technical sector who are sensitive to the aesthetic value of lighting (architects and lighting designers, etc). With the third line, introduced in 2012, Axo Light is able to offer 360° solutions. Mind-led includes high efficiency, high-tech lighting of reduced dimensions, all with LED technology. Photometric curves and a wide range of outdoor applications are available. Strong technical and scientific research into lighting and emotional content are the main features of this range.


About Axo light

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies of designer lighting in the rich and complex world of the Made in Italy.

Created in the inland Venice area in 1996, from the outset it combined Italian passion for design

with a strong international focus and soon became one of the leading companies in the high quality indoor lighting sector.

Thanks to the collaboration of important designers, Axo Light has created two lines offering all-round solutions:

the Axo Light decorative line, which also includes technical/emotional products with LED light source, and the Lightecture contract line.