Lighting design / Lighting consulting


How does a lighting consulting works at Senseofdesign?

First step: preparation

The basic is a detailed measurement and further information on your rooms – delineations are appreciated. Please complete our questionnaire and return it together with other documents such as ground plan, elevation, etc. by email to . After analyzing the received information, we will get back to you to arrange an appointment.

Step 2: counseling interview

In order to clarify further details for the design and the scope of design, a one-to-one conversation is advisable. This can either take place by phone or at your premises.

Step 3: Creation of a lighting concept

A qualified and experienced lighting designer creates an individual overall concept whereby – according our philosophy – the lighting to see and the light as design medium are combined and the type of light (for example ceiling- or wall light) is defined. 

Step 4: Selection of lights

Finally, the light in its form is specified, which means that the design of the lamp is adjusted to your style. If in doubt, a lighting calculation will clarify the lighting level with a lighting simulation according to DIN. We will then present you the result in a lighting plan including an offer.


The pure lighting design of a private apartment or house amounts 75,-€ per room. Lighting design will be free of charge, if you buy lights of more than 500,-€ in total per room within the next three month.
The first consultation for getting to know each other is, of course, free of charge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment in order to determine the appropriate lighting concept for you together.