1.1 The process of returning the goods


 1. Withdrawal

For contracts concluded at a distance or away from business premises, you have a right to inform us within 14 days that you withdraw from the contract, without providing us a reason for its decision.

In the sales contract the withdrawal period should run from the date on which:

  • Get the actual possession of the goods,
  • Get the actual possession of the last good if the object of the contract more pieces goods, you naročii in one order,
  • Get the actual possession of the last lot or piece goods, if delivery of goods consisting of multiple lots or pieces,
  • Get the actual possession of the first good if delivery of goods during a certain period regular.

                          You have no right to cancel the contract for the following contracts:

  • contract goods or services whose price is dependent on fluctuations in the markets in which the company has no influence and which may occur during the withdrawal period,
  • Agreement on goods which are designed according to your precise instructions and tailored to your personal needs
  • Agreement on goods that are perishable or he quickly passed shelf
  • contract for the supply of goods which by their nature, inseparably mixed with other objects
  • Treaty on batteries, akumultorskih batteries and battery packs, cables, lamps, components, if you have opened the safety seal or if it has been removed from its original packaging
  • contract models that are partially or fully assembled by the consumer
  • contract for single use, spare and replacement parts, and used prepaid cards

Notice of withdrawal may provide the company with an unequivocal statement from which it is clear that you withdraw from the contract. Notice of withdrawal you can send us by:

  • writing to the company
  • electronic form on info@senseofdesign.eu, in this case we will immediately confirm receipt of the notice of withdrawal on a durable medium.
  • mark on the back of the invoice to return the product and account together with product return to our address.

It is considered that you have resigned in good time if it is sent within the deadline set for withdrawal.

The burden of proof of exercising the right of withdrawal under this article shall be borne by the consumer.

2. Return of goods

If you have already received the goods and withdraw from the contract, the goods must be returned within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal at our address:

ZA DIZAJN d.o.o. Letališka cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana .

It is considered that in time you return the goods if you send before the 14 day deadline for repayment.

Products must be returned intact and in the same quantity in the original, undamaged packaging. Damaged products, the revised quantity and products in non-original packaging or damaged can not be returned. Products back as packet consignment rather than letter. The product being returned must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice we will be happy also if you fill out the return of goods formular on the back of the invoice, so that we will implement the entire process much faster. In the event of withdrawal from the contract covers only the cost of returning the goods.

If you have expressly decided for a different type of shipment, as offered by the company we can not claim reimbursement of additional costs.

3. Reimbursement payments received

If you have already paid fot the ordered goods , we will refund all payments you have made for the contract immediately, or within 14 days of receipt of the notification of withdrawal.

If you have already received the goods and withdraw from the contract, the goods must be returned within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal.

Reimbursement payments received will be held in this case to accept the returned goods or until you provide proof that you sent back the goods.

Payments received will be returned to the same means of payment as you used to purchase, unless you want a different method of reimbursement.

The quickest and easiest way of refund on your bank account (personal account). In case you choose for this way of refund, please let us know your personal account number or write it in the form for return of the goods on the back of the invoice.

If the product is not working properly, or does not act in accordance with your expectations, please call our technical department on telephone number: +386 82055080, where you will get  help from our consultants with the necessary explanations. In this way you will avoid potential wrong use of the product and damage the product itself as well as do damage to other things.

For products for which we will find that they have been damaged due to improper or inappropriate use or handling, which was not necessary establish by the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, complaints will not be accepted. If you want the product  that was sent to us after refusing the reclamation back, we will send it to you as well as for the charge related to the delivery of such a product, such a product can be picked up at our address:

ZA DIZAJN d.o.o., Letališka cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana .


1.2 Reclamations / Guarantees


Step 1:

Advertised product is required to send to the address of our company in perfect condition. All products are sent from our distribution center to our customers, in appropriate protective packaging, so the product will be advertised during delivery to our address the adequate protection. Be aware that the original packaging advertised product in perfect condition, without labels and without damage.

On the outside of the protective packaging write in capitals CLAIM. All inappropriately labeled packets will be rejected.

IMPORTANT: All packages that will be forwarded to our address with payment on delivery oz.poštnino paid by the addressee and the like. They will be rejected and returned to the sender at his expense.

In the case of damaged product packaging or in the event that the packages are accompanying label delivery service (which becomes useless packaging), you will not be able to reimburse 100% of the purchase price, but we will pay the full purchase price of 50% of the value of the product. For each missing part of the product or for missing allowances are a deduction from the total purchase price of the product be assessed separately. In case you want during the reclamation process reimburse the purchase price will be refunded after consideration advertised product again become the property of the company ZA DIZAJN d.o.o.. If the product will be returned to our address in the same condition as it was dispatched to the address of the party represents any change Product for companies ZA DIZAJN d.o.o. business damage.


Step 2:

Once the product with all relevant documentation received by the Company for ZA DIZAJN d.o.o., it will review the reclamation department. Depending on the content, and depending on the findings of the reclamation inspection, you will be contacted by a company representative and inform you of further procedure.

Each case will be resolved individually, depending on the type of claims for restitution (return of goods, warranty). Complaints Department in the procedure, you can offer to repair the product, replace the product.


Very important:

All functioning products were as advertised, sent to our address, and on them during the reclamation inspection were not found error will be returned at the expense of customers with payment on delivery.

All products leave our distribution center in protective packaging and in perfect condition. Make sure that the package will be delivered in perfect condition. If on receipt notice any obvious damage to the package, you are not obliged to accept such a package and you can refuse. The rejection of the package due to damage us even know. You must understand that company to design d.o.o. can not be held responsible for damage to a package of 24 hours after delivery.