About Sense of design store

 Online store senseofdesign is dedicated to all those who want change and trace the modern trends in the world of design. Our aesthetic character is shown through a wide range of modern suspended, ceiling, wall-mounted, recessed, desktop, floor and outside lights as well as classical and modern chandeliers, in addition we have prepared a wide range of accessories for decorating and design space.

You can choose from more than 80 world-famous brands of modern design.

We represent the world-famous designers and manufacturers of brands (Kreon, Viabizzuno, Nordlux, David Trubridge, Northernlighting ...).

In senseofdesign, we believe that for illuminating your home are important both form and function. Therefore, we believe that a properly designed lighting provides your home warmth and comfort.

Our difference at senseofdesign is that we can help you with our years of experience in the field of lighting, a wide range of lighting fixtures, as well as expert advice in the field of lighting to help you with your project or purchase.